Without a doubt one of our PAHS Family’s favorite destination is the Beach at Punta Sal. All year long the most anticipated trip among our children centers on this beautiful beach. The long-awaited moment finally arrived and Stephen planned and executed a fun vacation for the children who besides enjoying the beauty of nature also helped to build a new well for the beach property.

The youth group of the Oakhurst California Seventh-day Adventist Church got right to work on the children’s Dining Hall and making bunk beds for the Boys Dorm.  They smoothed out the floor between the dining and serving area, and they built steps and a ramp to roll the little ones from the Casita Feliz. Happily the Dining Hall is now functional thanks to Campion Academy for working the jack-hammers and digging the holes for the supports of the new roof; to the ladies of the Rivermont Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the walls; and to the Oakhurst group who made tables and benches!

Patty, Avis and Dinora, residents of our Girl’s Home arrived at Universidad Adventista de Centro America in Costa Rica ready to initiate classes as they seek degrees in Nursing and Education. We are so proud of these girls who have been busy working, studying and processing the paperwork necessary to go abroad to study. Pray for them!

A record 97 visitors volunteered their time and skills on our PAHS campus during Spring Break this year! As our new buildings get finished, we are able to accommodate more helpers, but some of these spilled over onto the floor in our chapel, as well as accepted the hospitality of our neighbors. Our children made new friends, and we are all so thankful for the progress that was made on the new Nutrition Hospital Building and for the doors and closets on boy’s wing of the children’s home that are now almost done!

Our campus family bade good-bye to volunteers Sarah LaVanture and Brody Hug during a Farewell party. Sarah and Brody spent 6 months their time working with the children, especially on beautifying our campus. They left us a tree swing, taught bread-making, started the incentive-based Children’s Store, and left us with many memories of outings planned especially for those who worked week by week in their beautification campaign. They are missed!

Our dear friends from California, who in the past 4 years built the lovely Casita Feliz where the little malnourished ones are housed at present, now have taken the initiative to begin rebuilding the new Children’s Nutritional Rehab Hospital ward. Another 28 volunteers, led by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, joined Gary and LeRoy (who had arrived in January) to do the heavy, though largely unseen, job of breaking through and then reinforcing the old foundation so they could anchor I-beam uprights ready for walls and a roof. Then they hauled wheel-borrow loads of concrete to pour a new slab. Through the Mend A Child Foundation they continue to help provide a monthly educational funds for our children, for which we are all most grateful! Dr. Tom Wieg, a talented photographer as well as a dentist, has made up beautiful sets of cards for the sponsors of each of our school children. More sponsors are needed. See www.mendachild.org

Mel’s Dream Team a mission team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada lead by Todd Lien and Diane Ward arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and finish the plumbing in the Boys’ Wing of the New Children’s Home. We are honored to have this dedicated group of friends and family come on a trip that honor the memory of Uncle Mel who had a vision to come visit our children and work to make their lives better, but whose life was cut short too soon to see his vision realized.

Gary Shipp and Leroy Corson were welcomed to our campus ready to start our next major building project The new and improved Nutritional Rehabilitation Hospital Facility. We are grateful to have this project get underway at last!

The older children planned a surprise birthday party on their own for Stephen, Jesus and David who all have birthdays on this date. They took the birthday boys on a treasure hunt that lead to the dining hall where they had decorated nicely and had prepared cake and punch.

After several weeks of all-day practices, many into the late night hours, the PAHS Pathfinder group placed 4th overall in the NorthWest Honduras Conference Camporee. The Club was awarded 1st place in marching drills and in first aid competitions, and our Pathfinder leader, Ian Haylock, was named Best Club Director. We are so proud of them all! Our deep gratitude goes out to our sister Club in Oakhurst, California and to the Sunnydale, Missouri group for all of their help, advice, and their support. Thanks for sharing!

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