The Sperro Group had a busy week, they helped with the construction of the new Clinic/Admin building, helped painting the new Rehab Center and the girls’ Dorm, and spent some quality time with the children and teens from our homes, their time shared in our campus was a great experience not only for them but to our children, Thank You to each member of the Sperro Mission Team!

We welcomed new friends from Toronto, Canada this weekend. TheSperro Group, led by Greg O’Rio, is here to help with the construction projects on campus. They’ve also brought many much-needed items for our children. Thank you friends!

Sperro Mission Team

Mend a child 2014

Our campus was blessed by a mission team from the Mend a Child Foundation lead by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg last week. During their visit they constructed a sidewalk from the Children’s Home to the Chapel & main kitchen. This special proyect was made to facilitate the mobility of Jenny – who uses a leg braces and a walker, and Lily – who uses a wheel chair to get around. The team also worked on the Admin/Temp Clinic building by pouring concrete for an external sidewalk and the bathrooms for the outclinic patients. It was a great experience for the children to have this group of old friends and “extended family” visiting  our Home again.

Each year this group made up of youth and their families bring great joy and happiness to our children who love their company. The group, led by Dr. Thomas Wieg, has become a very special part of the PAHS family. Read the rest of this entry »

A former long-term volunteer, Meranda Beerman, had the vision of having a short video made to tell the story of our work in Honduras. With the support of family and friends she raised the necessary funds to have producer, Bryan Fellows Read the rest of this entry »

Brad Alcorn organized a Medical Team made up of physicians and nurses to come deliver care to our area and they chose to start their week of health care services with our campus community. They are working in conjunction with our nurses as well as partnering with the organization Heart for Honduras. We are grateful for the professional care and generous spirit of this team!

We are very grateful for a wonderful donation made possible by Reach Out Orphanages Ministry, directed by Jorge and Tara García. Read the rest of this entry »

It was a joy to have with us once again our friends Paul and Kay Newby, who pastor the Assembly of God Church in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Read the rest of this entry »

Rachel And Loren.jpgLoren Whaley and Rachel Pratt from Paradise, California will be volunteering their time with us for the next eight months, we welcome them and thanks them for sharing their time with our children.

One of the most anticipated visits each year for our boys and girls is the Selivanoff family’s visit, who have won the hearts of each one of us. Sheryl with her children Mike, Laura and Rosalie arrived last Thursday and stay for a week to enjoy fun times with our Children. Then they will travel to Costa Rica to visit the rest of our family who are studying in Adventist University of Central America. We thank the Selivanoff for having us in mind, and for his valuable help for our family.

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