MerandaVolunteer Meeranda Beermand and Dago Fernández, IT Web Master,  hosted  the PAHS booth at the #GYCconference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the first week of 2014. They focus on Volunteering this year, and many people sign up to receive further information to become  volunteers in our Honduras Campus.

This is an artistic black and white representation of what a normal day in our Campus looks like. Photos were taken by Pebbly Erazo, a volunteer from TX, photography student and a very helpful person.

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Gary, a pillar here on campus with his construction and general fix-it skills, was caught under a falling tree and badly injured. Gary has spent most of his Februarys the last 4 years here on the campus helping plan construction and fixing things in every department. In the process he has become an “VIA” (very important adult) to our children! Pray with us for him and his family.

Nate Marin and 21 members of his Spanish class from Campion Academy in Colorado, plus 10 sponsors, took a working field trip to our campus to muscle through concrete and earth digging footings for the roof over what will be the new dining hall for the Nutritional Center and Children’s Home. The old terrazzo floor from the former children’s ward was preserved, so our family will soon have a dry place to eat when it is raining. They also brought new white tennis shoes for PE class for all of our school children — received with much excitement and some disbelief. We are very grateful for their thoughtfulness.

The children were very happy to have a long-time friend, Jeff Needles, visit our campus. Jeff spread joy around by spending quality time with the older children while also finishing the tile work in one room of our Guest House, as well as starting the tile work on the other three rooms. Our Guest House got a wonderful and much-needed rejuvenation from Jeff. Future guest will be more comfortable thanks to his efforts!

A group lead by Randy, the principal at Laurelwood Adventist Academy in Oregon, arrived to do some much needed work around campus.  We are very grateful for the beautiful steps to the Casita Feliz that they built as well as the stuccoing they did in the boys dorm.  Merlin and Vonda Beerman arrived to reach out to the local community and the city.  Our kids were delighted to host them once again this year.  We are grateful that they have become part of our growing family.

Nate Marin and his father Richard, lead a group of Spanish students from Campion Academy who came for a quick visit on a month long tour of Honduras.  The group took all the on a nice outing to the waterfalls.  Out kids really enjoyed the visit from the group and hope they will be able to return again.

Once again our campus was lit by smiles brought by the visit of our extended family, members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. The much anticipated yearly visit of the group, led and organized, by Dr. Tom Wieg and his wife Calle brought many smiles and warm feelings to our children and staff. The main project of the group was to do much needed finishing touches of the new Children’s Home construction site.

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