A student from LLU during the medical brigadeThe dental and medical Students from Loma Linda University, CA, along with Dr. Tom Wieg and his family spent their New Year Holidays attending more than two hundred patients in the dental clinic and the remotes villages that they visited, El Dorado, La Fe and Los Caminos.They also participated in our celebration for the new year. Thank you so much LLU students for putting your energy, talents and love for our People in Honduras! We greatly appreciate it!

Rachel And Loren.jpgLoren Whaley and Rachel Pratt from Paradise, California will be volunteering their time with us for the next eight months, we welcome them and thanks them for sharing their time with our children.

We were very pleased to host a group of students from Campion  Academy in Colorado lead by their teacher Nate Marin. This industrious group of teens have been visiting annually as part of their Spanish Class. They were wonderful to have on campus and we remember them for their generous spirits. They provided our children with school supplies, backpacks and shoes; they also helped with construction projects. We are very grateful for their valuable contributions.

Sixte four ( 64) students graduated from the Vocational School. 31 students received certificates in auto mechanics, 12 graduated from sixth Grade and 21 from Nine grade

Beatriz, Elias, and Sally completed all their exams and the social service which made them eligible for their graduation from secondary education.   Isela, Jasmin, and Moises happily graduated from primary school.

The First Day of School arrived amidst an electrical buzz of excitement amongst our children! This is the start of a New School Year for our elementary aged children. There are 80 children who were registered in the Bertha DeWitt Bilingual Elementary School. We tremendously appreciate all who support our educational program; special thanks go to our partner organization Mend-a-Child, Inc. and all its supporters! See www.mendachild.org

The children – those 5 years old and older – and their caretakers celebrated the end of 2008 and the anticipation of the New Year with dinner, chocolate cake and firecrackers. The younger children were most delighted by the sparklers and just as the last of the sparklers were burning out, the rain put an end to the party just ten minutes before midnight! It was a very exciting way to start 2009!

After several weeks of all-day practices, many into the late night hours, the PAHS Pathfinder group placed 4th overall in the NorthWest Honduras Conference Camporee. The Club was awarded 1st place in marching drills and in first aid competitions, and our Pathfinder leader, Ian Haylock, was named Best Club Director. We are so proud of them all! Our deep gratitude goes out to our sister Club in Oakhurst, California and to the Sunnydale, Missouri group for all of their help, advice, and their support. Thanks for sharing!

A group lead by Randy, the principal at Laurelwood Adventist Academy in Oregon, arrived to do some much needed work around campus.  We are very grateful for the beautiful steps to the Casita Feliz that they built as well as the stuccoing they did in the boys dorm.  Merlin and Vonda Beerman arrived to reach out to the local community and the city.  Our kids were delighted to host them once again this year.  We are grateful that they have become part of our growing family.

Nate Marin and his father Richard, lead a group of Spanish students from Campion Academy who came for a quick visit on a month long tour of Honduras.  The group took all the on a nice outing to the waterfalls.  Out kids really enjoyed the visit from the group and hope they will be able to return again.

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