The construction crew from the AMPAC company has begun laying tile in the center parlor area of the children’s home. (Maybe this goes in February.) Work has begun finishing the apartment for the house-parents.

With gratitude to AMPAC and their parent company Breakstone Mining Company, we received the word that the company would provide labor and funds to finish the Children’s Home central parlor and the house-parents apartment behind it.  Now the boys will be able move into their wing which is functionally complete.

The children were delighted to start coloring the 2009 Christmas card to be sent to the kind people who generously give of their time and money to ensure a dignified existence for those PAHS serves. The tradition of coloring Christmas cards by hand was started in the early 1970’s and is something that is as much a part of the Christmas season on the PAHS campus as is a colorful Christmas tree.

God has blessed us with an additional source of water for our Children’s Nutrition Hospital! With a donation from the Municipal Government, the new Christian University just up the road from us put in a water line that runs right past the back of our Children’s Hospital and fills our raised water tank there without a pump on it’s way to the University. We are thrilled to have new neighbors that have been kind enough to help us solve a major problem! Only those who have tried to take care for dozens of children without water can comprehend the depths of our gratitude.

The children were very happy to have a long-time friend, Jeff Needles, visit our campus. Jeff spread joy around by spending quality time with the older children while also finishing the tile work in one room of our Guest House, as well as starting the tile work on the other three rooms. Our Guest House got a wonderful and much-needed rejuvenation from Jeff. Future guest will be more comfortable thanks to his efforts!

A group lead by Randy, the principal at Laurelwood Adventist Academy in Oregon, arrived to do some much needed work around campus.  We are very grateful for the beautiful steps to the Casita Feliz that they built as well as the stuccoing they did in the boys dorm.  Merlin and Vonda Beerman arrived to reach out to the local community and the city.  Our kids were delighted to host them once again this year.  We are grateful that they have become part of our growing family.

A group led by Jeff Needles and John Beldin arrived to make closets and put finishing touches in the Girls wing of the new Children’s Home. We are so grateful for this much needed detail and all their hard work!

Once again our campus was lit by smiles brought by the visit of our extended family, members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. The much anticipated yearly visit of the group, led and organized, by Dr. Tom Wieg and his wife Calle brought many smiles and warm feelings to our children and staff. The main project of the group was to do much needed finishing touches of the new Children’s Home construction site.

Gary And LeroyGary and Leroy made their annual trek to our campus to prepare for the soon arrival of their Youth Group from the Oakhurst, CA church. They prepared projects and did much needed maintenance. We are very grateful for their generosity and their untiring support!

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