Our Pathfinder Club led by Kenia Mendez attended the annual camporee that was held in Siguatepeque about an hour from our campus. The club members participated in marching drills, camp-site set-up, first-aid, cooking, knot making, various games and general knowledge contests to name a few of the activities. Our children practice enthusiastically for this event throughout the year and enjoy it tremendously.

Our friends from the Midwest, including students from Sunnydale Academy, arrived ready to have fun with our children, put in bed and bathroom doors and install closets in the Boys’ Wing, and paint the home parent’s apartment. Members of the group also drilled the Pathfinders’ Club to prepare them to place well in matches at a national camporee next month. They give our club a boost each time they come. They ended their stay with a Pathfinders’ honors class and hosted a special meal for our children. They are part of the group who has done the biggest share of the construction of our children’s home – this was that teams 8th year, and we missed several members who didn’t make it this year. Our children have many lovely memories and feel a special love from their friends who keep returning.

After several weeks of all-day practices, many into the late night hours, the PAHS Pathfinder group placed 4th overall in the NorthWest Honduras Conference Camporee. The Club was awarded 1st place in marching drills and in first aid competitions, and our Pathfinder leader, Ian Haylock, was named Best Club Director. We are so proud of them all! Our deep gratitude goes out to our sister Club in Oakhurst, California and to the Sunnydale, Missouri group for all of their help, advice, and their support. Thanks for sharing!

Pathfinders from Sunnydale Academy in Missouri who came with Jeff Needles group, helped our children prepare for the annual camporee by getting them the much sought-after Pathfinder Honors patches for their uniforms. The children drill and practice faithfully under the watchful eye and motivation of Ian Haylock.

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