Our Children enjoying the Christmas with Santa ClausThese last days have been full of activities and holiday spirit in our Campus. Our Children and Staff prepared a beautiful program which was held in the church where many members of our family gathered together from far and near to celebrate Christmas. We also received the Christmas gifts that were sent from the Oakhurst and Mariposa Church in CA, that were specially prepared for our Children! And with them the special visit of Dr. Tom and his family, as well as the SIMS group from Loma Linda! Happy holidays to you!

Our family reveled in the love and friendship we maintain with Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, members of our extended PAHS family, and members of the group they host from the Oakhurst Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Each year they travel to contribute to capital improvements on the PAHS campus. This year they built storage rooms for our Guest House and made beautiful steps leading to the front porch of our Children’s Home. They not only make a difference on our physical campus but in the people on campus as well.  We are grateful to have special memories because they give us a part of their heart, Thanks!

The youth group of the Oakhurst California Seventh-day Adventist Church got right to work on the children’s Dining Hall and making bunk beds for the Boys Dorm.  They smoothed out the floor between the dining and serving area, and they built steps and a ramp to roll the little ones from the Casita Feliz. Happily the Dining Hall is now functional thanks to Campion Academy for working the jack-hammers and digging the holes for the supports of the new roof; to the ladies of the Rivermont Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the walls; and to the Oakhurst group who made tables and benches!

Gary, a pillar here on campus with his construction and general fix-it skills, was caught under a falling tree and badly injured. Gary has spent most of his Februarys the last 4 years here on the campus helping plan construction and fixing things in every department. In the process he has become an “VIA” (very important adult) to our children! Pray with us for him and his family.

Our dear friends from California, who in the past 4 years built the lovely Casita Feliz where the little malnourished ones are housed at present, now have taken the initiative to begin rebuilding the new Children’s Nutritional Rehab Hospital ward. Another 28 volunteers, led by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, joined Gary and LeRoy (who had arrived in January) to do the heavy, though largely unseen, job of breaking through and then reinforcing the old foundation so they could anchor I-beam uprights ready for walls and a roof. Then they hauled wheel-borrow loads of concrete to pour a new slab. Through the Mend A Child Foundation they continue to help provide a monthly educational funds for our children, for which we are all most grateful! Dr. Tom Wieg, a talented photographer as well as a dentist, has made up beautiful sets of cards for the sponsors of each of our school children. More sponsors are needed. See www.mendachild.org

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