Bill and Karin Bateman, with the help of Doyle and his daughter installed a series of filters and ultraviolet-water-purification technology developed to help resolve unsafe water issues for the world’s poorest rural communities. It’s reaction chamber multiplies the pathogen kill-rate of ultraviolet light, making it ultra energy efficient and compact, ideal for purifying our drinking water. What a blessing!

A record 97 visitors volunteered their time and skills on our PAHS campus during Spring Break this year! As our new buildings get finished, we are able to accommodate more helpers, but some of these spilled over onto the floor in our chapel, as well as accepted the hospitality of our neighbors. Our children made new friends, and we are all so thankful for the progress that was made on the new Nutrition Hospital Building and for the doors and closets on boy’s wing of the children’s home that are now almost done!

Nate Marin and 21 members of his Spanish class from Campion Academy in Colorado, plus 10 sponsors, took a working field trip to our campus to muscle through concrete and earth digging footings for the roof over what will be the new dining hall for the Nutritional Center and Children’s Home. The old terrazzo floor from the former children’s ward was preserved, so our family will soon have a dry place to eat when it is raining. They also brought new white tennis shoes for PE class for all of our school children — received with much excitement and some disbelief. We are very grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Our campus was delighted to welcome the first visiting mission team of the year – Adventist Midwest Health Systems – made up of 32 employees from four hospitals in the Chicago, Illinois area. Their Construction Team made progress on finishing the Boys’ Wing in the new Children’s Home. Meanwhile the medical team, made up of seven physicians, two nurse practitioners, one pharmacist, translators and support staff treated 1,735 patients from four nearby communities as well the children in our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center. The team brought a blessing to our community with their caring, sensitive ways which spread hope and love around.

A group from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas arrived prepared to share their professional and technical skills to bring healthcare and assistance to members of our extended community. The 27 member team worked hard in teaching children more about the Bible, working on the Boys wing and second floor details of the New Children’s Home and bringing health care and medication to over 800 people who live in remote areas.

A group led by Jeff Needles and John Beldin arrived to make closets and put finishing touches in the Girls wing of the new Children’s Home. We are so grateful for this much needed detail and all their hard work!

A group from several Missouri area churches arrived, led by Melvin and Milton Greenwood and Alan Blackford. The yearly visit of our extended “family” members is a wonderful boost to our construction efforts on the New Children’s Home. The group worked on finishing the walls with texture in the Boys wing of the new home.

Once again our campus was lit by smiles brought by the visit of our extended family, members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. The much anticipated yearly visit of the group, led and organized, by Dr. Tom Wieg and his wife Calle brought many smiles and warm feelings to our children and staff. The main project of the group was to do much needed finishing touches of the new Children’s Home construction site.

Chicago Group

Adventist Midwest Health System Team Arrives

A group of 27 from Chicago area hospitals arrived to provide basic medical care to the surrounding communities, vacation Bible school for the children in our local town and to help with the construction of the Boys Wing of the new Children’s Home. The Construction team, headed by Jim Today, had only three members that work very hard and got so much done to get the new dorm facility closer to completion. Our girls are so grateful and delighted with their new bunk beds which the group purchased.

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