We welcome Nelby, a 5 year old little girl from the community of La virtud, she suffer from malnutrition, parasites and anemia, please pray for her recovery so she can go back to her loving family.


Sandra and Elsa, both one year old, were admitted to our Nutritional Rehabilitation Program. The little girls, who are cousins, were brought in by their mothers. Read the rest of this entry »

According to the Ministry of Health of Honduras, 70 percent of Honduran children are born with low weight caused by lack of nutrients absorbed by their mothers during pregnancy.

Sourse: El Heraldo

A picture is worth more than a 1000 words in the cases of Wendy and Maria Suyapa! We never know which children might end up joining our family, but we have certainly come to cherish these two who came in about the same time in early 2008 and underwent such transformations! Both are exceptionally cheerful and loving. Special thanks to God for His healing power and to each of you who make this work possible!

Our campus was delighted to welcome the first visiting mission team of the year – Adventist Midwest Health Systems – made up of 32 employees from four hospitals in the Chicago, Illinois area. Their Construction Team made progress on finishing the Boys’ Wing in the new Children’s Home. Meanwhile the medical team, made up of seven physicians, two nurse practitioners, one pharmacist, translators and support staff treated 1,735 patients from four nearby communities as well the children in our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center. The team brought a blessing to our community with their caring, sensitive ways which spread hope and love around.

A group from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas arrived prepared to share their professional and technical skills to bring healthcare and assistance to members of our extended community. The 27 member team worked hard in teaching children more about the Bible, working on the Boys wing and second floor details of the New Children’s Home and bringing health care and medication to over 800 people who live in remote areas.

Maria Suyapa

Maria Suyapa

Maria Suyapa, our newest admitted child, was found by the AMWH team on one of their outings.  At 15 months she weighed 9 lbs.  She is one of the happiest children we have right now and is recovering well.

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