Members of Missions for Jesus and the High Praises Church of South Carolina visited us today, bringing gifts and goodies for the little ones, the children enjoyed the dramas and the company of these good Samaritans, Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children =)

After much anticipation the younger boys moved into their wing of the new Children’s Home. It was such a joy to see their excitement, and a relief that they now have more space and greater comfort. Our hearts are grateful to all that have contributed to make this dream a reality!

The new Water Of Life® purification system was officially dedicated in a small ceremony held on June 25.

Bill and Karin Bateman, with the help of Doyle and his daughter installed a series of filters and ultraviolet-water-purification technology developed to help resolve unsafe water issues for the world’s poorest rural communities. It’s reaction chamber multiplies the pathogen kill-rate of ultraviolet light, making it ultra energy efficient and compact, ideal for purifying our drinking water. What a blessing!

Our children and staff were unharmed after this morning’s 7.1 earthquake. We are still inspecting our buildings; so far no readily apparent damage has been sustained. Thank you for your concern and your prayers. Your support is deeply appreciated.

The girls from our Home initiated the upstairs porch of their new Home on Valentine’s Day.  They proudly found ways to raise funds of their own for this fun and thoughtful event, complete with food, comedy skits, Valentine’s Day “Radio” Messages and a marriage proposal.  The event was shared by our Oakhurst friends and some neighbors from our community.

The children – those 5 years old and older – and their caretakers celebrated the end of 2008 and the anticipation of the New Year with dinner, chocolate cake and firecrackers. The younger children were most delighted by the sparklers and just as the last of the sparklers were burning out, the rain put an end to the party just ten minutes before midnight! It was a very exciting way to start 2009!

After several weeks of all-day practices, many into the late night hours, the PAHS Pathfinder group placed 4th overall in the NorthWest Honduras Conference Camporee. The Club was awarded 1st place in marching drills and in first aid competitions, and our Pathfinder leader, Ian Haylock, was named Best Club Director. We are so proud of them all! Our deep gratitude goes out to our sister Club in Oakhurst, California and to the Sunnydale, Missouri group for all of their help, advice, and their support. Thanks for sharing!

Pathfinders from Sunnydale Academy in Missouri who came with Jeff Needles group, helped our children prepare for the annual camporee by getting them the much sought-after Pathfinder Honors patches for their uniforms. The children drill and practice faithfully under the watchful eye and motivation of Ian Haylock.

Back to School Our children and teenagers returned for a new school year to the Centro Educacional Adventista.  Over 60 primary and secondary school children were registered sponsored by PAHS. Our Technical School has a total of 175 registered, serving the poorest of the poor in our surrounding community.

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