With the purpose of seeking excellence in a new year of studies, seven of our girls boarded the bus to Costa Rica to attend UNADECA in Alajuela, Costa Rica. This is a new experience for Nelly who will study English while at the university. Three other young ladies, Jennifer, Carolina and Beatriz started their studies at the National University of Honduras in San Pedro Sula.

The new Water Of Life® purification system was officially dedicated in a small ceremony held on June 25.

Our children and staff were unharmed after this morning’s 7.1 earthquake. We are still inspecting our buildings; so far no readily apparent damage has been sustained. Thank you for your concern and your prayers. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Our children, organized by Marlene – once nutrition hospital patient when she was a toddler and a resident of the Children’s Home growing up, now one of our cooks and a mother herself – put together a Mother’s Day program in honor of all of the mother’s who live on our campus. The highlight of the evening was a skit based on a story from the Bible where King Solomon was called to judge which of two women was a baby’s birth-mother. Following the program a meal was served. Our children are quite talented and enjoy putting together these special programs and acting in skits.

Patty, Avis and Dinora, residents of our Girl’s Home arrived at Universidad Adventista de Centro America in Costa Rica ready to initiate classes as they seek degrees in Nursing and Education. We are so proud of these girls who have been busy working, studying and processing the paperwork necessary to go abroad to study. Pray for them!

Our Pathfinder Club led by Kenia Mendez attended the annual camporee that was held in Siguatepeque about an hour from our campus. The club members participated in marching drills, camp-site set-up, first-aid, cooking, knot making, various games and general knowledge contests to name a few of the activities. Our children practice enthusiastically for this event throughout the year and enjoy it tremendously.

Our friends from the Midwest, including students from Sunnydale Academy, arrived ready to have fun with our children, put in bed and bathroom doors and install closets in the Boys’ Wing, and paint the home parent’s apartment. Members of the group also drilled the Pathfinders’ Club to prepare them to place well in matches at a national camporee next month. They give our club a boost each time they come. They ended their stay with a Pathfinders’ honors class and hosted a special meal for our children. They are part of the group who has done the biggest share of the construction of our children’s home – this was that teams 8th year, and we missed several members who didn’t make it this year. Our children have many lovely memories and feel a special love from their friends who keep returning.

A picture is worth more than a 1000 words in the cases of Wendy and Maria Suyapa! We never know which children might end up joining our family, but we have certainly come to cherish these two who came in about the same time in early 2008 and underwent such transformations! Both are exceptionally cheerful and loving. Special thanks to God for His healing power and to each of you who make this work possible!

The girls from our Home initiated the upstairs porch of their new Home on Valentine’s Day.  They proudly found ways to raise funds of their own for this fun and thoughtful event, complete with food, comedy skits, Valentine’s Day “Radio” Messages and a marriage proposal.  The event was shared by our Oakhurst friends and some neighbors from our community.

Our dear friends from California, who in the past 4 years built the lovely Casita Feliz where the little malnourished ones are housed at present, now have taken the initiative to begin rebuilding the new Children’s Nutritional Rehab Hospital ward. Another 28 volunteers, led by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, joined Gary and LeRoy (who had arrived in January) to do the heavy, though largely unseen, job of breaking through and then reinforcing the old foundation so they could anchor I-beam uprights ready for walls and a roof. Then they hauled wheel-borrow loads of concrete to pour a new slab. Through the Mend A Child Foundation they continue to help provide a monthly educational funds for our children, for which we are all most grateful! Dr. Tom Wieg, a talented photographer as well as a dentist, has made up beautiful sets of cards for the sponsors of each of our school children. More sponsors are needed. See www.mendachild.org

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