Today we welcomed William, a tiny boy 13 moths of age weighing 5.5 Kg (12 lb. ).  Accompanied by his grandmother, William — suffering from third degree malnutrition — was brought to our campus by the county health authorities. His health is fragile, however we are confident that with the tender loving care, medications and with God’s blessing, William is on a solid path to recovering his health. We look forward to seeing his first smile!

Little Carlitos and His Mom

Meet Carlitos our newest patient, at 5 years old of age only weight 20 pounds, he was taken to the hospital in San Pedro Sula to be treated from a renal deficiency… please pray for his recovery !!

Dr. Winston Craig and the students of the Nutrition Department from Andrews University in Michigan gave us nightly presentations about caring for our bodies and getting proper nourishment.  Some of the students helped with menu planning.  The group also visited several child-feeding centers in surrounding communities.  The centers provide valuable nutritional support to poor parents by serving one or two meals a day to toddlers of poor families.

Rod Ward from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada brought a medical group to serve our community. They held field clinics in area towns with the help of our campus nurses Suyapa and Lucita. Members of the group also made repairs to the swing set they had put up several years ago, making it stronger to withstand the “industrial” use it received daily.

Bill and Karin Bateman, with the help of Doyle and his daughter installed a series of filters and ultraviolet-water-purification technology developed to help resolve unsafe water issues for the world’s poorest rural communities. It’s reaction chamber multiplies the pathogen kill-rate of ultraviolet light, making it ultra energy efficient and compact, ideal for purifying our drinking water. What a blessing!

Dr. Marilyn Augustine and Dr. Karen Hutchinson Internal Medicine Residents of the University of Rochester spent time getting acquainted with the healthcare delivery system in our area of Honduras; their rotation included time in the PAHS’ nutritional rehab and outpatient clinic, the community Health Center, assisting with a field clinic and nutritional health assessments and a tour of the government hospital in San Pedro Sula.

Fifteen students from a Graduate Class in Nutrition from Andrew’s University in Michigan, led by Dr Winston Craig arrived to give health and nutrition lectures to the local academy, high school and technical school. They were accompanied by other students who came to tile two rooms of our guest house. How we appreciate the efforts of so many to give our facilities a face lift! The students also did screenings for malnutrition, assessed the local diet and went on a rescue mission trip to get malnourished children who had recently been orphaned from a mountain village.

Our campus was delighted to welcome the first visiting mission team of the year – Adventist Midwest Health Systems – made up of 32 employees from four hospitals in the Chicago, Illinois area. Their Construction Team made progress on finishing the Boys’ Wing in the new Children’s Home. Meanwhile the medical team, made up of seven physicians, two nurse practitioners, one pharmacist, translators and support staff treated 1,735 patients from four nearby communities as well the children in our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center. The team brought a blessing to our community with their caring, sensitive ways which spread hope and love around.

Baylin Moreno, who we first met in November 2002 when she was brought to our Nutrition Hospital, lost her valiant and courageous battle against kidney failure on February 12, 2008 at the age of 13. Baylin is survived by her father, mother and 5 younger siblings. Baylin leaves behind many sad but inspired caretakers as well. She and her family would travel three days a week from her remote mountain village to the city for dialysis. Her quiet but solid courage is a testament to the human spirit and to the will to survive against the odds.



Our children and staff were delighted to see Dr. LaClair and his wife Jean return after only a short time following their first visit in November. The LaClairs and Hardings worked together to pool their medical and mental resources to support the delivery of care to the poorest of the poor in the PAHS area.

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