Our campus family bade good-bye to volunteers Sarah LaVanture and Brody Hug during a Farewell party. Sarah and Brody spent 6 months their time working with the children, especially on beautifying our campus. They left us a tree swing, taught bread-making, started the incentive-based Children’s Store, and left us with many memories of outings planned especially for those who worked week by week in their beautification campaign. They are missed!

Mel was a plumber in Alberta, Canada, who learned about the difficult situation we had with the plumbing in the boy’s wing of the Children’s Home at a family reunion.  He immediately expressed a desire to come down and help us.  Two weeks later he was killed in a tragic accident.  Twelve of his plumbing colleagues, friends, and family members got together to make his dream of service come true. Our new friends from Alberta, Canada departed today having accomplished their mission and more – for they had installed all the remaining plumbing in the center apartments for Mami Verlene and the Home Parents, as well as beautifully finishing off the bathrooms in the Boy’s Wing complete with tiling the shower stalls and floors. During their stay they brought a wonderful sense of camaraderie with nightly hymn-sings accompanied by guitars.

Mel’s Dream Team a mission team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada lead by Todd Lien and Diane Ward arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and finish the plumbing in the Boys’ Wing of the New Children’s Home. We are honored to have this dedicated group of friends and family come on a trip that honor the memory of Uncle Mel who had a vision to come visit our children and work to make their lives better, but whose life was cut short too soon to see his vision realized.

Gary Shipp and Leroy Corson were welcomed to our campus ready to start our next major building project The new and improved Nutritional Rehabilitation Hospital Facility. We are grateful to have this project get underway at last!

The children were very happy to have a long-time friend, Jeff Needles, visit our campus. Jeff spread joy around by spending quality time with the older children while also finishing the tile work in one room of our Guest House, as well as starting the tile work on the other three rooms. Our Guest House got a wonderful and much-needed rejuvenation from Jeff. Future guest will be more comfortable thanks to his efforts!

A group from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas arrived prepared to share their professional and technical skills to bring healthcare and assistance to members of our extended community. The 27 member team worked hard in teaching children more about the Bible, working on the Boys wing and second floor details of the New Children’s Home and bringing health care and medication to over 800 people who live in remote areas.

With the help of Canadian volunteers, Todd Lien and Diane Ward, the Oakhurst SDA Youth group rebuilt the home of the Moreno family up on Mount Santa Barbara. The family’s former home, built of mud and stone, had been blown down in December by strong winds while the father was away with the oldest child in the hospital. The Moreno family came to have a relationship with PAHS through the illness of their oldest child Baylin who battled kidney failure for the last five years. The new home is made of wooden walls and has shuttered windows and a solid door. In spite of the tremendous struggles against disease, loss, grief and weather elements the family is still able to smile and is very grateful for the support they have received.

Once again our campus was lit by smiles brought by the visit of our extended family, members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. The much anticipated yearly visit of the group, led and organized, by Dr. Tom Wieg and his wife Calle brought many smiles and warm feelings to our children and staff. The main project of the group was to do much needed finishing touches of the new Children’s Home construction site.



Our children and staff were delighted to see Dr. LaClair and his wife Jean return after only a short time following their first visit in November. The LaClairs and Hardings worked together to pool their medical and mental resources to support the delivery of care to the poorest of the poor in the PAHS area.

Dr. Harding And Ouida

Dr. Harding And Ouida

Long time a beloved member of our extended family, Dr. Harding and his wife Ouida, returned once again to lend their support and love to our children

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