Mel's friends, realizing his dreamThe Mel’s Dream Team, from Alberta, Canada, along with our friends Jeff Neddles and John Beldon, are working in the final touches for the new Hospital. They are installing the ceiling in this building. Mel’s dream was to come to PAHS in 2008 but due to a fatal accident he was unable to see his vision realized. Friends, family and colleagues have come to PAHS in 2009, 2011 and 2014 to make his dream of service come true. Mel’s Dream Team wish to express their dedication and committment to serving the needs of the children at PAHS.

Members of Missions for Jesus and the High Praises Church of South Carolina visited us today, bringing gifts and goodies for the little ones, the children enjoyed the dramas and the company of these good Samaritans, Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these children =)

One of the most anticipated visits each year for our boys and girls is the Selivanoff family’s visit, who have won the hearts of each one of us. Sheryl with her children Mike, Laura and Rosalie arrived last Thursday and stay for a week to enjoy fun times with our Children. Then they will travel to Costa Rica to visit the rest of our family who are studying in Adventist University of Central America. We thank the Selivanoff for having us in mind, and for his valuable help for our family.

Peter and Verna Sonnentag, along with their daughter, Ruth spent a month and a half as volunteers on our campus. Both teachers, the Sonnentags have supported our children with after-school tutoring, while their daughter Ruth helped out with the little children in the Casita Feliz.

We were very pleased to host a group of students from Campion  Academy in Colorado lead by their teacher Nate Marin. This industrious group of teens have been visiting annually as part of their Spanish Class. They were wonderful to have on campus and we remember them for their generous spirits. They provided our children with school supplies, backpacks and shoes; they also helped with construction projects. We are very grateful for their valuable contributions.

The Jeff Needles Family and friend Casey Turner visited our children over their Summer, spending quality time with our young people. Both Jeff and Casey also helped to install the roof on the Storage Rooms of our Guest House. Their visit left pleasant  memories behind and we hope to see them once again soon.

We were very happy to see on our campus once again a group of friends lead by Marvin and Melvin Greenwood and Alan Blackford of Missouri. This special group of gentlemen and their friends have been supporting construction projects on our campus for many years. This year they help lay the groundwork for turning the old clinic into our new administration building. While the Tom Burgin Family with the support of Hope Church took our school children shopping for shoes. We are very grateful for the loving members  of this group  supported in helping to improve campus life. We hope to see them again soon.

Our family reveled in the love and friendship we maintain with Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, members of our extended PAHS family, and members of the group they host from the Oakhurst Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Each year they travel to contribute to capital improvements on the PAHS campus. This year they built storage rooms for our Guest House and made beautiful steps leading to the front porch of our Children’s Home. They not only make a difference on our physical campus but in the people on campus as well.  We are grateful to have special memories because they give us a part of their heart, Thanks!

A 9,000 foot lime-stone mountain towers above the Lake Yojoa valley where the PAHS campus is located at 2,300 feet. The American Pacific – AMPAC a lead and zinc mine is located at the 4,500-foot level.  We were happy to have a visit by their Director of Operations, Mr. Dennis Blais and his wife, who came to see how they could provide help for the children in our Home.

Gary, a pillar here on campus with his construction and general fix-it skills, was caught under a falling tree and badly injured. Gary has spent most of his Februarys the last 4 years here on the campus helping plan construction and fixing things in every department. In the process he has become an “VIA” (very important adult) to our children! Pray with us for him and his family.

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