One of the most anticipated visits each year for our boys and girls is the Selivanoff family’s visit, who have won the hearts of each one of us. Sheryl with her children Mike, Laura and Rosalie arrived last Thursday and stay for a week to enjoy fun times with our Children. Then they will travel to Costa Rica to visit the rest of our family who are studying in Adventist University of Central America. We thank the Selivanoff for having us in mind, and for his valuable help for our family.

While visiting in Texas Mami Verlene injured herself falling, she is now recovering from her injury in a rehabilitation center. She is looking forward to returning home to Honduras. Please keep her in your prayers.

The children were delighted to start coloring the 2009 Christmas card to be sent to the kind people who generously give of their time and money to ensure a dignified existence for those PAHS serves. The tradition of coloring Christmas cards by hand was started in the early 1970’s and is something that is as much a part of the Christmas season on the PAHS campus as is a colorful Christmas tree.

Gary, a pillar here on campus with his construction and general fix-it skills, was caught under a falling tree and badly injured. Gary has spent most of his Februarys the last 4 years here on the campus helping plan construction and fixing things in every department. In the process he has become an “VIA” (very important adult) to our children! Pray with us for him and his family.

Our children and staff were unharmed after this morning’s 7.1 earthquake. We are still inspecting our buildings; so far no readily apparent damage has been sustained. Thank you for your concern and your prayers. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Patty, Avis and Dinora, residents of our Girl’s Home arrived at Universidad Adventista de Centro America in Costa Rica ready to initiate classes as they seek degrees in Nursing and Education. We are so proud of these girls who have been busy working, studying and processing the paperwork necessary to go abroad to study. Pray for them!

With the help of Canadian volunteers, Todd Lien and Diane Ward, the Oakhurst SDA Youth group rebuilt the home of the Moreno family up on Mount Santa Barbara. The family’s former home, built of mud and stone, had been blown down in December by strong winds while the father was away with the oldest child in the hospital. The Moreno family came to have a relationship with PAHS through the illness of their oldest child Baylin who battled kidney failure for the last five years. The new home is made of wooden walls and has shuttered windows and a solid door. In spite of the tremendous struggles against disease, loss, grief and weather elements the family is still able to smile and is very grateful for the support they have received.

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