Our vocational school received a donation of computers through Project Honduran Child which were acquired by Jerry & Ruth Wolgemuth from Computer Ministries of Pennsylvania. These will be used for teaching computer science skills to students in vocational training at the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School, an outreach of Pan American Health Service, Inc. in Peña Blanca, Honduras.

The dream of a new school became a reality for more than one hundred little ones who have been meeting in a temporary lean-to for several years in the near-by communities of Las Palmas and La Torre.  Pan American Health Service donated a lovely hill-top site for an architect with Schools for the Children of the World of Mears, MI,  to coordinate and assist the efforts of the children’s parents, the Yibrin family and our local municipality of Santa Cruz to build the three-room school.  Construction began in February with the students and their families providing the unskilled labor.  Working together, the school was finished and inaugurated on July 12, 2013.

The academic year started and the excitement of our children is a beauty to watch. Everyone is excited about school and doing their chores has taken on a new meaning for them, as they realize the importance of appreciating the great privilege that is theirs in having a private Christian education. We are very proud of our children for their efforts in their school work as well as in their chores.

With the purpose of seeking excellence in a new year of studies, seven of our girls boarded the bus to Costa Rica to attend UNADECA in Alajuela, Costa Rica. This is a new experience for Nelly who will study English while at the university. Three other young ladies, Jennifer, Carolina and Beatriz started their studies at the National University of Honduras in San Pedro Sula.

Our employees, most of them single mothers, and some of our girls and boys were trained by INFOP, National Vocational Training Institute to learn how to make various breads and desserts. For a week the ladies and young people learned to make new products for our children, such as crackers, pastries and other nutritious breads. The idea with this kind of training that provides the SPAS in collaboration with INFOP is to help the vocational formation of single mothers through various trades, so that in the near future can establish their own micro-enterprise.

Dr. Winston Craig and the students of the Nutrition Department from Andrews University in Michigan gave us nightly presentations about caring for our bodies and getting proper nourishment.  Some of the students helped with menu planning.  The group also visited several child-feeding centers in surrounding communities.  The centers provide valuable nutritional support to poor parents by serving one or two meals a day to toddlers of poor families.

Sixte four ( 64) students graduated from the Vocational School. 31 students received certificates in auto mechanics, 12 graduated from sixth Grade and 21 from Nine grade

Beatriz, Elias, and Sally completed all their exams and the social service which made them eligible for their graduation from secondary education.   Isela, Jasmin, and Moises happily graduated from primary school.

Kenia Mendez, whose scores on her entrance exam earned her full scholarship to the University of San Pedro Sula four years ago, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Communication and Marketing. She is already employed by a periodical in the city.

The traditional marching ceremonies were suspended this Independence Day. So instead our children participated in celebrating the national holiday with a special pageant featuring the native costumes of each of the five Central American countries that on September 15, 1821 received word that Spain had granted their independence.

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