Nutrition students from Andrews University, under the direction of Dr. Winston Craig, did gathered data on the diets of our children on campus as well as children in neighboring communities. Read the rest of this entry »

The Medical team from central texas medical center attended more than 1300 people in 4 days, these people from different communities around the lake yojoa region received medical atention and pediatric in general.

You can see the images from the CTMC’s medical team in action on our facebook page.

A Medical Team from Central Texas Medical Center - CTMC, Arrived yesterday, they will be taking medical aid to diferent communities in the yojoa lake area.

Four days ago little Rony was brought to PAHS suffering from a respiratory problem, fearing it was something worst the Pediatrician sended him to the main Hospital of San Pedro sula where they found a small chicken bone in one of his Broquiès, Today we are happy to announce he recover without a problem, he is now smiling and happy with his parents. ( Photo: little Rony with his Mom and Dad)

Little Rony Rodriguez a 8 months old baby was admitted yesterday with a breathing difficulty, Suyapa our head nurse decide he needed special atencion and contact Dr. Maldonado a pediatritioan who kindly donate his time twice a week to check on the kids in the casita feliz, Dr. Maldonado decide to send Little Rony to the main Hospital in San Pedro Sula where he was admitted and scheduled for bronchoscopic surgery, surgeons found a small splinter of chicken bone near the Broquiès, the bone was removed and the little Ronnie is now under observation, pray for this little baby to recover.

“We are pleased to have spent this week with you here in Honduras, helping all our brothers and sisters who needed medical attention”, this were the words of Karen Morris, leader of the medical group – missionary of San Marcos, Texas, that every year comes to visit and help our institution. They bring with them healing and treatment for all those people who do not have the economic resources to visit a doctor. During for four days, approximately more than two thousand people of different communities in the department of Cortes, Honduras, had the opportunity to receive gratuitous medical attention, thanks to the collaboration and the arduous effort of more than 25 doctors and nurses, who with the aid of Karen Morris, arrived at PAHS with the unique intention of being able to provide medical visits and medicines for their neighbors in Honduras. “There is no better reward than the smiles of little children or the hugs of an ancient, when they receive the help that we brought to them. We are so glad to share our time with these people”, said Gaby Arriaga, one of the nurses group.

Only the first day, this beautiful group managed to take care of more than seven hundred people, everything a record in the institution, hundreds of people made enormous rows to receive the provided aid for them. The San Marcos’s group decided to divide their group in two teams, to serve many more communities, with four doctors in each team they managed to take care of around three hundred thousand people, there were a lot of patients that they had to buy more medicines in the local market. In Pan-American Health Service, everyone feel extremely thankful by the aid received, not only for our institution but also towards our compatriots. God bless to each member of San Marcos’s Hospital, Texas, thanks for your invaluable aid!

  • Taulabe, San Antonio, Peña Blanca and Santa Barbara, were some of the communities where the San Marcos´s group offered medical attention and medicines.

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