‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house 

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Our Children enjoying the Christmas with Santa ClausThese last days have been full of activities and holiday spirit in our Campus. Our Children and Staff prepared a beautiful program which was held in the church where many members of our family gathered together from far and near to celebrate Christmas. We also received the Christmas gifts that were sent from the Oakhurst and Mariposa Church in CA, that were specially prepared for our Children! And with them the special visit of Dr. Tom and his family, as well as the SIMS group from Loma Linda! Happy holidays to you!

Load And Ready For the trip Back To TexasChristmas presents, new truck and PlayMart playground on the way from California to Honduras. Thank you: Tom and Calle Weig, Oakhurst SDA Church members, Church of the Nazarene, Rimbey, Alberta, Canada, Diane Ward, Anna Mae Rachar and Play Mart, Inc. for making this journey possible; and for the joy it will bring the children of PAHS! Thanks Stephen and Greg for your superb engineering and loading skills!

The scene was green, not white, but jolly old Santa – LeRoy Corson – all dressed in his traditional red, was seated in the middle of our campus plaza handing out Christmas bundles which had been lovingly packed for our children by friends in Oakhurst, California. Heartfelt gratitude went to everyone who had a part in making this an exciting and happy day!

The children – those 5 years old and older – and their caretakers celebrated the end of 2008 and the anticipation of the New Year with dinner, chocolate cake and firecrackers. The younger children were most delighted by the sparklers and just as the last of the sparklers were burning out, the rain put an end to the party just ten minutes before midnight! It was a very exciting way to start 2009!

Nellie And Lolita

Nellie And Lolita

Amid much anticipation the children received their Holiday presents to ring in the New Year. Children of all ages were delighted to open the wonderful gifts lovingly packaged by members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. It was great fun to watch their eyes sparkle as they opened their boxes and took out gift after gift. A big THANKS to all who put their heart and resources into making the Christmas Holiday special for our children!

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