‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house 

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouseRead the rest of this entry »

Our Kids Celebrated the Honduras’ Independence Day with a beautiful parade, full of color,lights and fireworks. Read the rest of this entry »

Mel's friends, realizing his dreamThe Mel’s Dream Team, from Alberta, Canada, along with our friends Jeff Neddles and John Beldon, are working in the final touches for the new Hospital. They are installing the ceiling in this building. Mel’s dream was to come to PAHS in 2008 but due to a fatal accident he was unable to see his vision realized. Friends, family and colleagues have come to PAHS in 2009, 2011 and 2014 to make his dream of service come true. Mel’s Dream Team wish to express their dedication and committment to serving the needs of the children at PAHS.

On this cold and rainy Thursday – Thanksgiving Day – we had a delicious bean soup served steaming hot with rice and corn tortillas. We are grateful for good food to eat and for our friends across the miles. We wish you a LOVE-FILLED THANKSGIVING DAY

Mami Verlene, Aileen and our Children in Honduras

This is an artistic black and white representation of what a normal day in our Campus looks like. Photos were taken by Pebbly Erazo, a volunteer from TX, photography student and a very helpful person.

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The dream of a new school became a reality for more than one hundred little ones who have been meeting in a temporary lean-to for several years in the near-by communities of Las Palmas and La Torre.  Pan American Health Service donated a lovely hill-top site for an architect with Schools for the Children of the World of Mears, MI,  to coordinate and assist the efforts of the children’s parents, the Yibrin family and our local municipality of Santa Cruz to build the three-room school.  Construction began in February with the students and their families providing the unskilled labor.  Working together, the school was finished and inaugurated on July 12, 2013.

Four days ago little Rony was brought to PAHS suffering from a respiratory problem, fearing it was something worst the Pediatrician sended him to the main Hospital of San Pedro sula where they found a small chicken bone in one of his Broquiès, Today we are happy to announce he recover without a problem, he is now smiling and happy with his parents. ( Photo: little Rony with his Mom and Dad)

Little Rony Rodriguez a 8 months old baby was admitted yesterday with a breathing difficulty, Suyapa our head nurse decide he needed special atencion and contact Dr. Maldonado a pediatritioan who kindly donate his time twice a week to check on the kids in the casita feliz, Dr. Maldonado decide to send Little Rony to the main Hospital in San Pedro Sula where he was admitted and scheduled for bronchoscopic surgery, surgeons found a small splinter of chicken bone near the Broquiès, the bone was removed and the little Ronnie is now under observation, pray for this little baby to recover.

Little Carlitos and His Mom

Meet Carlitos our newest patient, at 5 years old of age only weight 20 pounds, he was taken to the hospital in San Pedro Sula to be treated from a renal deficiency… please pray for his recovery !!

Five Years old Ninosca was brought to our campus with her father by a member of the municipality, she is suffering from malnutrition and also she suffer of a neurologic problem due the malnutrition

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