Dr. Youngberg With a patientFifty years ago today a small caravan lead by Dr. Stephen Youngberg and his wife Verlene, arrived to a small village in northen Honduras, what started that day become a mission that today provide nutrition rehab, education and homes for girls and boy, Today we celebrate with friends and family the 50 anniversary of the arrival of PAHS to Honduras

The older children prepared a drama for the evening and played it out in the chapel.  After the play everyone enjoyed the traditional tamales and fruit as they waited to ring in the New Year at midnight with fireworks. As the clouds rolled in and covered the stars, the children, with supervision, participated in lighting the evening with sparkles and fun, until the rain forced everyone indoors.

The scene was green, not white, but jolly old Santa – LeRoy Corson – all dressed in his traditional red, was seated in the middle of our campus plaza handing out Christmas bundles which had been lovingly packed for our children by friends in Oakhurst, California. Heartfelt gratitude went to everyone who had a part in making this an exciting and happy day!

After spending nine years administrating the PAHS work in Honduras, Anita returned to a Nursing job in Texas. Anita’s name was submitted by a collegue and friend at Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas where she is currently employed to be considered for nomination as one of the Great Nurses of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She was chosen by the Texas Nurses Association District 3 & 4 and the Dallas-Ft. Worth Association of Nurse Executives as one of the 100 great nurses. Congratulations! Read the Article Here

The older children planned a surprise birthday party on their own for Stephen, Jesus and David who all have birthdays on this date. They took the birthday boys on a treasure hunt that lead to the dining hall where they had decorated nicely and had prepared cake and punch.

The children – those 5 years old and older – and their caretakers celebrated the end of 2008 and the anticipation of the New Year with dinner, chocolate cake and firecrackers. The younger children were most delighted by the sparklers and just as the last of the sparklers were burning out, the rain put an end to the party just ten minutes before midnight! It was a very exciting way to start 2009!

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