Five Years old Ninosca was brought to our campus with her father by a member of the municipality, she is suffering from malnutrition and also she suffer of a neurologic problem due the malnutrition

A group of our missionary friends from New Mexico spent a week helping to make the Casita Feliz safer and brighter.  They repaired windows and placed electrical outlets farther out of reach of the little ones – some of whom get mischievous before they return home!  Our children are very pleased with the attention they gave them, and we thank them for their work on behalf of our children. Thanks!

The twins who have lived in the PAHS Casita since 2007 went home today, healthy and happy, we gonna miss them!!

The children – those 5 years old and older – and their caretakers celebrated the end of 2008 and the anticipation of the New Year with dinner, chocolate cake and firecrackers. The younger children were most delighted by the sparklers and just as the last of the sparklers were burning out, the rain put an end to the party just ten minutes before midnight! It was a very exciting way to start 2009!

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