Without a doubt one of our PAHS Family’s favorite destination is the Beach at Punta Sal. All year long the most anticipated trip among our children centers on this beautiful beach. The long-awaited moment finally arrived and Stephen planned and executed a fun vacation for the children who besides enjoying the beauty of nature also helped to build a new well for the beach property.

Laughter and more laughter could be heard for more than an hour at the campus dining hall, while our children enjoyed a presentation of “growing for Jesus” by a group who organized themselves in Argentina.   Six members, each of a different nationality, made up this wonderful group called Bethlehem.   We enjoyed your different works, which even though they were very funny had great Bible-based lessons.   On behalf of our children, thank you very much for making us laugh and forget our problems!!!

After much anticipation the younger boys moved into their wing of the new Children’s Home. It was such a joy to see their excitement, and a relief that they now have more space and greater comfort. Our hearts are grateful to all that have contributed to make this dream a reality!

Our friends from the Midwest, including students from Sunnydale Academy, arrived ready to have fun with our children, put in bed and bathroom doors and install closets in the Boys’ Wing, and paint the home parent’s apartment. Members of the group also drilled the Pathfinders’ Club to prepare them to place well in matches at a national camporee next month. They give our club a boost each time they come. They ended their stay with a Pathfinders’ honors class and hosted a special meal for our children. They are part of the group who has done the biggest share of the construction of our children’s home – this was that teams 8th year, and we missed several members who didn’t make it this year. Our children have many lovely memories and feel a special love from their friends who keep returning.

The girls from our Home initiated the upstairs porch of their new Home on Valentine’s Day.  They proudly found ways to raise funds of their own for this fun and thoughtful event, complete with food, comedy skits, Valentine’s Day “Radio” Messages and a marriage proposal.  The event was shared by our Oakhurst friends and some neighbors from our community.

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