Without a doubt one of our PAHS Family’s favorite destination is the Beach at Punta Sal. All year long the most anticipated trip among our children centers on this beautiful beach. The long-awaited moment finally arrived and Stephen planned and executed a fun vacation for the children who besides enjoying the beauty of nature also helped to build a new well for the beach property.

Dr. Youngberg With a patientFifty years ago today a small caravan lead by Dr. Stephen Youngberg and his wife Verlene, arrived to a small village in northen Honduras, what started that day become a mission that today provide nutrition rehab, education and homes for girls and boy, Today we celebrate with friends and family the 50 anniversary of the arrival of PAHS to Honduras

The stories of several of the children from our home who have now become successful professional were showcased at the booth at the Adventist Services and Industries Convention frequented by many of the members of our extended Pan American Health Service family.  Also featured were pictures of the permanent buildings that have been going up in the last decade, as well as those buildings that are still unfinished.
PAHS was present at the ASI convention to share with our brothers the work Adventists for over 50 years in our institution. The convention was held in Orlando Florida, and more than 2000 people attended. Meanwhile, PAHS had the opportunity to show a video about the life of our children and youth, as well as the progress that some have had on their lives becoming successful professionals who now give back the help received from the institution.

Laughter and more laughter could be heard for more than an hour at the campus dining hall, while our children enjoyed a presentation of “growing for Jesus” by a group who organized themselves in Argentina.   Six members, each of a different nationality, made up this wonderful group called Bethlehem.   We enjoyed your different works, which even though they were very funny had great Bible-based lessons.   On behalf of our children, thank you very much for making us laugh and forget our problems!!!

The older children prepared a drama for the evening and played it out in the chapel.  After the play everyone enjoyed the traditional tamales and fruit as they waited to ring in the New Year at midnight with fireworks. As the clouds rolled in and covered the stars, the children, with supervision, participated in lighting the evening with sparkles and fun, until the rain forced everyone indoors.

The scene was green, not white, but jolly old Santa – LeRoy Corson – all dressed in his traditional red, was seated in the middle of our campus plaza handing out Christmas bundles which had been lovingly packed for our children by friends in Oakhurst, California. Heartfelt gratitude went to everyone who had a part in making this an exciting and happy day!

The children were delighted to start coloring the 2009 Christmas card to be sent to the kind people who generously give of their time and money to ensure a dignified existence for those PAHS serves. The tradition of coloring Christmas cards by hand was started in the early 1970’s and is something that is as much a part of the Christmas season on the PAHS campus as is a colorful Christmas tree.

The traditional marching ceremonies were suspended this Independence Day. So instead our children participated in celebrating the national holiday with a special pageant featuring the native costumes of each of the five Central American countries that on September 15, 1821 received word that Spain had granted their independence.

PAHS will host a booth at the exhibit section of the Adventist Services and Industries Convention to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 5 – 8, 2009. The annual convention is a time for refreshment and learning at the numerous workshops geared towards business and non-profit organizations. An added bonus is that PAHS personnel get to meet many of the PAHS supporters that make the work possible.look for us at the booth 120

Our children, organized by Marlene – once nutrition hospital patient when she was a toddler and a resident of the Children’s Home growing up, now one of our cooks and a mother herself – put together a Mother’s Day program in honor of all of the mother’s who live on our campus. The highlight of the evening was a skit based on a story from the Bible where King Solomon was called to judge which of two women was a baby’s birth-mother. Following the program a meal was served. Our children are quite talented and enjoy putting together these special programs and acting in skits.

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