Nursing student, Anna Garrett of Ohio, spent one month of her vacation time blessing our children and assisting our staff with her nursing skills and expertise in the Casita Feliz. Anna first visited our campus with a local organization Heart for Honduras and she felt called to give of her time to our children. She has been a wonderful and very valuable support to our staff and to our recovering babies who benefited from both her medical expertise and her kind company.

We have been blessed this year to have the visits of many groups affiliated with Maranatha Missions who were visiting our local Academy and chose to help continue the construction of the building that will be our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center, a building that is greatly needed. This was the case when our brothers and sisters from the Paradise Adventist Church spent two weeks helping us advance this special building project – a wonderful answer to prayer. Additionally they hosted medical clinics around the Lake Yojoa area and saw approximately 500 patients. We are so grateful for their love and support!

We are grateful to Rachel, Lauren and Danny for their volunteer services and for the difference they have made in the lives of our children. Rachel and Lauren – here for 8 months – held pre-school classes for the children of the Casita Feliz; while Danny who spent 4 months with us, planted a vegetable garden that produced food for our little ones.  We wish them the best and are grateful for the time they spent as part of our family.

Central Texas Medical Center of San Marcos, Texas organizes two medical mission team trips per year. At PAHS we feel fortunate to be able to host this marvelous group of professionals who during this trip gave attention to 1,075 patients in 4 different communities. Neither rain, nor mud, nor poor mountain roads were able to deter the service-oriented spirit of each member of this determined medical team from their mission of delivering medical attention to needy villages. We are deeply grateful for their service to our fellow Hondurans!

We have been greatly blessed to have the presence of our very own pediatrician, Dr. Gary Harding and his loving wife, Ouida, with us for three weeks. Dr. Harding, with the support of Nurse Suyapa and volunteers Rachel and Lauren, visited several remote mountain communities whose inhabitants live in extreme poverty with the intention of seeking malnourished children in need of the rehabilitation services offered by PAHS.

The rescue missions proved fruitful as three little ones are now part of our Nutritional Rehab program as a result of these rescue missions. It is impressive to witness Dr. Harding’s great desire to save starving children from hunger and from misery along with his staunch commitment to seeing them healthy.

Students from San Gabriel Academy in Los Angeles, CA visited our campus and volunteered their time to help with bean harvesting and the child care in our Casita Feliz. They were visiting our community as part of a Maranatha Mission Team to the local our local academy Centro Educacional Adventista.

During their time here they also held Bible School classes filled with fun activities for our children. We are grateful for their attentions and for their help!

This year’s graduation class of Fountain View Academy in Canada chose to come to our community for their Senior Class trip. While here the Seniors chose a variety of projects to benefit our campus. They took turns over the span of 10 days to help in the daily caretaking of the little patients in the Casita Feliz. Others organized a Music Camp for the children and teens from our Homes. Our children were thrilled to be learning music in this fun and entertaining way. Some in the group dedicated their time to furthering the construction of the new building that will house our Nutritional Rehab Center. We are deeply grateful for all of the contributions that these young people made to our campus life.

Nutrition students from Andrews University, under the direction of Dr. Winston Craig, did gathered data on the diets of our children on campus as well as children in neighboring communities. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen who handles the logistics of shipping donated items from the US to Honduras was responsible for driving them from California to Texas and arranging for them to arrive in Honduras in time for the Holiday. The shipment was also added to by Lorena Janetzko, who coordinated with friends to send gifts as well. We send our warmest gratitude to each person who has added their love to this shipment for our family of children! Thank you for your generosity.


Thanksgiving Day was a very special occasion this year on our Peña Blanca campus. Among the many reasons to thank God was that we had many of our extended PAHS Family with us for graduation time which made Nelly and Luzby feel very special. Among our special guests were Dr. Tom and Calle Weig, Paul, Sheryl, Laura and Michael Selivanoff, Belinda Laymon, Jeff and Cherie Needles; and Susan and Adam Fenner with friends John and Kimber Westphal who hosted a meal for the children from the PAHS Homes. The children were grateful for the special visitors.

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