MerandaVolunteer Meeranda Beermand and Dago Fernández, IT Web Master,  hosted  the PAHS booth at the #GYCconference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the first week of 2014. They focus on Volunteering this year, and many people sign up to receive further information to become  volunteers in our Honduras Campus.

Anita and Meranda during the AMEN ConferenceAnita Youngberg & Meranda Beerman representing PAHS attended the Adventist Medical Evangelist Network (AMEN) Annual Conference in Orlando, FL that ended on Nov. 3rd. It was a privilege to meet old friends and supporters as well as to form new friendships!

As member of the Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) PAHS attended the annual convention which was held this year in Cincinnati, OH. Our administrative staff used the opportunity to meet with both long-time as well as new supporters and it is time to update and refresh skills. It is a pleasure to be able to meet with supporters and other organization members from around the world to share of our work and to hear stories of triumphs and challenges of what as a group are able to accomplish in the service of others to make this world a better place!

For their mid-year vacation our children and teens from the Homes traveled to the remote beach property of Punta Sal for a camp out. They enjoyed a much needed break from the usual routine of classes and chores and played in the water and enjoyed the beautiful beaches. The trip is a tradition and reward for students who have made the effort to work hard to get good grades and to complete their assigned chores.

Stephen who handles the logistics of shipping donated items from the US to Honduras was responsible for driving them from California to Texas and arranging for them to arrive in Honduras in time for the Holiday. The shipment was also added to by Lorena Janetzko, who coordinated with friends to send gifts as well. We send our warmest gratitude to each person who has added their love to this shipment for our family of children! Thank you for your generosity.


Our employees, most of them single mothers, and some of our girls and boys were trained by INFOP, National Vocational Training Institute to learn how to make various breads and desserts. For a week the ladies and young people learned to make new products for our children, such as crackers, pastries and other nutritious breads. The idea with this kind of training that provides the SPAS in collaboration with INFOP is to help the vocational formation of single mothers through various trades, so that in the near future can establish their own micro-enterprise.

While visiting in Texas Mami Verlene injured herself falling, she is now recovering from her injury in a rehabilitation center. She is looking forward to returning home to Honduras. Please keep her in your prayers.

The stories of several of the children from our home who have now become successful professional were showcased at the booth at the Adventist Services and Industries Convention frequented by many of the members of our extended Pan American Health Service family.  Also featured were pictures of the permanent buildings that have been going up in the last decade, as well as those buildings that are still unfinished.
PAHS was present at the ASI convention to share with our brothers the work Adventists for over 50 years in our institution. The convention was held in Orlando Florida, and more than 2000 people attended. Meanwhile, PAHS had the opportunity to show a video about the life of our children and youth, as well as the progress that some have had on their lives becoming successful professionals who now give back the help received from the institution.

Kenia, born and raised on the PAHS campus and a recent graduate of the Universidad de San Pedro Sula, accepted a job on campus. She will be responsible for writing web logs to keep PAHS supporters informed of campus activities. Her duties will also include assisting in coordinating activities for the Children’s Home residents. You Can Read her blog at:

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