With gratitude to AMPAC and their parent company Breakstone Mining Company, we received the word that the company would provide labor and funds to finish the Children’s Home central parlor and the house-parents apartment behind it.  Now the boys will be able move into their wing which is functionally complete.

God has blessed us with an additional source of water for our Children’s Nutrition Hospital! With a donation from the Municipal Government, the new Christian University just up the road from us put in a water line that runs right past the back of our Children’s Hospital and fills our raised water tank there without a pump on it’s way to the University. We are thrilled to have new neighbors that have been kind enough to help us solve a major problem! Only those who have tried to take care for dozens of children without water can comprehend the depths of our gratitude.

The new Water Of Life® purification system was officially dedicated in a small ceremony held on June 25.

Bill and Karin Bateman, with the help of Doyle and his daughter installed a series of filters and ultraviolet-water-purification technology developed to help resolve unsafe water issues for the world’s poorest rural communities. It’s reaction chamber multiplies the pathogen kill-rate of ultraviolet light, making it ultra energy efficient and compact, ideal for purifying our drinking water. What a blessing!

A group from the Chattanooga, Tennessee Presbyterian Church led by Dr. Carolyn Brannon brought an offering, willing hands, and loving hearts to our campus; their principal project was to continue the new Dining Hall that Campion Academy started in March. They put up metal forms, mixed cement, and wheeled it over to be poured into the forms. Dr. Carolyn led a very special evening for 30 women who contribute TLC – tender loving care — to the children on our campus. The group provided a beautifully laid-out, delicious, candle-lit meal near the edge of Lake Yojoa. The ladies were then ministered to with tributes and thoughtful gifts: spiritual journals, personal care items and a Bible. The evening closed with songs and a prayer circle in which everyone participated. The special Spirit that was present made it hard to leave.

A record 97 visitors volunteered their time and skills on our PAHS campus during Spring Break this year! As our new buildings get finished, we are able to accommodate more helpers, but some of these spilled over onto the floor in our chapel, as well as accepted the hospitality of our neighbors. Our children made new friends, and we are all so thankful for the progress that was made on the new Nutrition Hospital Building and for the doors and closets on boy’s wing of the children’s home that are now almost done!

Led by Stephan Gray, a group of 32 volunteers from Richardson Seventh-Day Adventist Church was welcomed back for the second time.  In 2006 they poured the walls on the boy’s wing, and now they inaugurated that same wing by being the first to stay there after our Canadian friends plumbed it. They put in many sunny hours and a lot of muscle work lifting concrete all the way up to the 9 ft. level for the walls of what will be our new Children’s Hospital Ward. They even left us the funds to get the roof up. How exciting to see a new profile rising in the place where we were accustomed to see the old Children’s Hospital for 4 decades!  They held a Vacation Bible School for neighborhood children and a devotional for our family in the evenings.

Our dear friends from California, who in the past 4 years built the lovely Casita Feliz where the little malnourished ones are housed at present, now have taken the initiative to begin rebuilding the new Children’s Nutritional Rehab Hospital ward. Another 28 volunteers, led by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg, joined Gary and LeRoy (who had arrived in January) to do the heavy, though largely unseen, job of breaking through and then reinforcing the old foundation so they could anchor I-beam uprights ready for walls and a roof. Then they hauled wheel-borrow loads of concrete to pour a new slab. Through the Mend A Child Foundation they continue to help provide a monthly educational funds for our children, for which we are all most grateful! Dr. Tom Wieg, a talented photographer as well as a dentist, has made up beautiful sets of cards for the sponsors of each of our school children. More sponsors are needed. See www.mendachild.org

Mel was a plumber in Alberta, Canada, who learned about the difficult situation we had with the plumbing in the boy’s wing of the Children’s Home at a family reunion.  He immediately expressed a desire to come down and help us.  Two weeks later he was killed in a tragic accident.  Twelve of his plumbing colleagues, friends, and family members got together to make his dream of service come true. Our new friends from Alberta, Canada departed today having accomplished their mission and more – for they had installed all the remaining plumbing in the center apartments for Mami Verlene and the Home Parents, as well as beautifully finishing off the bathrooms in the Boy’s Wing complete with tiling the shower stalls and floors. During their stay they brought a wonderful sense of camaraderie with nightly hymn-sings accompanied by guitars.

Mel’s Dream Team a mission team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada lead by Todd Lien and Diane Ward arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and finish the plumbing in the Boys’ Wing of the New Children’s Home. We are honored to have this dedicated group of friends and family come on a trip that honor the memory of Uncle Mel who had a vision to come visit our children and work to make their lives better, but whose life was cut short too soon to see his vision realized.

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