Mend a child 2014

Our campus was blessed by a mission team from the Mend a Child Foundation lead by Dr. Tom and Calle Wieg last week. During their visit they constructed a sidewalk from the Children’s Home to the Chapel & main kitchen. This special proyect was made to facilitate the mobility of Jenny – who uses a leg braces and a walker, and Lily – who uses a wheel chair to get around. The team also worked on the Admin/Temp Clinic building by pouring concrete for an external sidewalk and the bathrooms for the outclinic patients. It was a great experience for the children to have this group of old friends and “extended family” visiting  our Home again.

Mel's friends, realizing his dreamThe Mel’s Dream Team, from Alberta, Canada, along with our friends Jeff Neddles and John Beldon, are working in the final touches for the new Hospital. They are installing the ceiling in this building. Mel’s dream was to come to PAHS in 2008 but due to a fatal accident he was unable to see his vision realized. Friends, family and colleagues have come to PAHS in 2009, 2011 and 2014 to make his dream of service come true. Mel’s Dream Team wish to express their dedication and committment to serving the needs of the children at PAHS.

The dream of a new school became a reality for more than one hundred little ones who have been meeting in a temporary lean-to for several years in the near-by communities of Las Palmas and La Torre.  Pan American Health Service donated a lovely hill-top site for an architect with Schools for the Children of the World of Mears, MI,  to coordinate and assist the efforts of the children’s parents, the Yibrin family and our local municipality of Santa Cruz to build the three-room school.  Construction began in February with the students and their families providing the unskilled labor.  Working together, the school was finished and inaugurated on July 12, 2013.

Thanks to an innovative project spearheaded by volunteer, Bonnie Gray, our campus appears cleaner. The children decorated 20 five-gallon buckets as small trash receptacles to be placed in strategic spots around our campus. This has given the children the opportunity to learn in a fun and creative way the importance of caring for the environment by avoiding the habit of littering and keeping our environment trash-free.

For their mid-year vacation our children and teens from the Homes traveled to the remote beach property of Punta Sal for a camp out. They enjoyed a much needed break from the usual routine of classes and chores and played in the water and enjoyed the beautiful beaches. The trip is a tradition and reward for students who have made the effort to work hard to get good grades and to complete their assigned chores.

This is our summer time and although we live in a very temperate climate the sun still shines hot and bright. Under this sunshine our children, teens, employees and volunteers have labored to harvest and abundant crop of beautiful red beans.

The quality and quantity of this crop clearly indicate a blessing from God in 2012. Our children have enjoyed the work and have made it into evening entertainment. We have also been delighted to have volunteers who visited our campus and chose to help us harvest beans.

The beautiful legumes will be used as seed to distribute to poor farmers in the driest areas of the southern Honduras. We hope that they too will be blessed with a crop similar to ours.

This year’s graduation class of Fountain View Academy in Canada chose to come to our community for their Senior Class trip. While here the Seniors chose a variety of projects to benefit our campus. They took turns over the span of 10 days to help in the daily caretaking of the little patients in the Casita Feliz. Others organized a Music Camp for the children and teens from our Homes. Our children were thrilled to be learning music in this fun and entertaining way. Some in the group dedicated their time to furthering the construction of the new building that will house our Nutritional Rehab Center. We are deeply grateful for all of the contributions that these young people made to our campus life.

A former long-term volunteer, Meranda Beerman, had the vision of having a short video made to tell the story of our work in Honduras. With the support of family and friends she raised the necessary funds to have producer, Bryan Fellows Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen who handles the logistics of shipping donated items from the US to Honduras was responsible for driving them from California to Texas and arranging for them to arrive in Honduras in time for the Holiday. The shipment was also added to by Lorena Janetzko, who coordinated with friends to send gifts as well. We send our warmest gratitude to each person who has added their love to this shipment for our family of children! Thank you for your generosity.


The annual Christmas card project – which has been a tradition for the PAHS Family for over 30 years – is now complete. The children, supervised by a few of the staff and volunteer, Diane Ward, hand colored approximately 5,000 cards. These are now ready to be sent out to people who partner with or wish to partner with PAHS. We would love to send you a card, and if you are not on our mailing list please request one by emailing your address to so that you too can receive this token of love from our children. 

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