The Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC) arrived with a well organized Medical Team for the second time this year in October 2012. Teaming up with PAHS/Servicio Panamericano de Salud, they treated over 1,500 people during the week in four communities: San Antonio de Cortés, Concepción del Sur, Canculunco and Peña Blanca. The 18 professionals that made up this team traveled back to their homes in Texas happy to have had an experience of serving those in need and making new friendships.

September 15 is a special date for our country, Honduras, as well as for all the Central American countries as it commemorates Independence Day.  This is why our children dressed in patriotic fervor, took to the streets in an organized parade hosted by their school to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  Set to the cadence of their school’s Marching Band our children of all ages participated in different squads all with the intent to commemorate this special season as they wore the pride of their country on their faces, pride at being born in such a beautiful nation as Honduras!

The month of September provides many opportunities for fun to our children. Besides the excitement building up to the Independence Day parades mid-month, September 10 is a day set aside to celebrate children. Piñatas, sweets, games, gifts and many visitors were all part of the Child’s Day celebrations on our campus this year for the children of the Casita Feliz as well as the Homes.  It is a special time set aside to recognize the love and joy that these special gifts of God bring to our World!

Centro Educacional Adventista – the educational center our children attend for private education – celebrated their 50th Anniversary this month, and as part of the celebration our children participated in a parade honoring the milestone of their alma mater.  The students were happy to be part of this special celebration and with great pride marched on behalf of their school through the street of our local town, Peña Blanca.

Three new little patients have been admitted to our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center during the month of August. Without a doubt they will recover from the fight they are waging against the malnutrition that has stolen their health, and they are a reminder that makes us anxious to find more little ones in need of support for their fight against hunger. Two of the children are siblings Cindy and Jesus, ages 4 and 2 years respectively; they are from one of the poorest areas in our country and a place in which malnutrition is still rampant. Our third little patient is Michael, 2 years old, who is from a nearby town close to Lake Yojoa. Soon we will see their smiles emerge; please keep them in your prayers as they reach this milestone of recovery from malnutrition.

As member of the Adventist-Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) PAHS attended the annual convention which was held this year in Cincinnati, OH. Our administrative staff used the opportunity to meet with both long-time as well as new supporters and it is time to update and refresh skills. It is a pleasure to be able to meet with supporters and other organization members from around the world to share of our work and to hear stories of triumphs and challenges of what as a group are able to accomplish in the service of others to make this world a better place!

Our children had the pleasure of experiencing an unforgettable, educational and fun trip to the Joya Grande Zoo in a nearby town. The trip was sponsored thanks to the generosity of Peter and Beth Malgadey of Florida, friends of Bonnie Gray a faithful volunteer of over a year.  Our children were able to see animals they had previously seen only in photographs such as a lion, giraffes, tigers, leopards, hippopotamus, and crocodiles among others.

Thanks to an innovative project spearheaded by volunteer, Bonnie Gray, our campus appears cleaner. The children decorated 20 five-gallon buckets as small trash receptacles to be placed in strategic spots around our campus. This has given the children the opportunity to learn in a fun and creative way the importance of caring for the environment by avoiding the habit of littering and keeping our environment trash-free.

Dear friends from the Crossings Community Church, in Oklahoma, USA came to our campus to give of their construction and medical talents to the community. Working together with Heart for Honduras, they hosted a medical clinic on our campus for a day and then went out to different communities nearby during the week. Their construction team worked on the building that will house our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center soon. Our deep gratitude goes out to the team for their great help in furthering our mission to bring health care to our communities!

For their mid-year vacation our children and teens from the Homes traveled to the remote beach property of Punta Sal for a camp out. They enjoyed a much needed break from the usual routine of classes and chores and played in the water and enjoyed the beautiful beaches. The trip is a tradition and reward for students who have made the effort to work hard to get good grades and to complete their assigned chores.

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