Weighing in at 5 pounds at the age of 20 days old, tiny baby Axel showed us his fighting spirit and desire to hang on to life. Although born to a 14 year-old mother who does not have sufficient milk supply to feed him adequately he remains feisty and was hungrily drinking down the rice water mix that his grandmother prepared for him. Thank God that he now has the support he needs and is recovering from the rough start in life with the help that his young mother is receiving from our Nutritional support program.

We are grateful to Rachel, Lauren and Danny for their volunteer services and for the difference they have made in the lives of our children. Rachel and Lauren Рhere for 8 months Рheld pre-school classes for the children of the Casita Feliz; while Danny who spent 4 months with us, planted a vegetable garden that produced food for our little ones.  We wish them the best and are grateful for the time they spent as part of our family.

Central Texas Medical Center of San Marcos, Texas organizes two medical mission team trips per year. At PAHS we feel fortunate to be able to host this marvelous group of professionals who during this trip gave attention to 1,075 patients in 4 different communities. Neither rain, nor mud, nor poor mountain roads were able to deter the service-oriented spirit of each member of this determined medical team from their mission of delivering medical attention to needy villages. We are deeply grateful for their service to our fellow Hondurans!

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