A very happy celebration for 77 students and their families took place as The “Dr. Stephen Youngberg” Technical Vocational School hosted the end of year graduation ceremony. Students graduated from sewing, auto mechanics, wood carving and beauty school in the vocational areas, and from sixth and ninth grades in basic education. It was a great privilege to witness the achievements of these students and it is a great motivator to continue the fight against poverty through our education programs. Congratulations to our graduates! 

Stephen who handles the logistics of shipping donated items from the US to Honduras was responsible for driving them from California to Texas and arranging for them to arrive in Honduras in time for the Holiday. The shipment was also added to by Lorena Janetzko, who coordinated with friends to send gifts as well. We send our warmest gratitude to each person who has added their love to this shipment for our family of children! Thank you for your generosity.


The annual Christmas card project – which has been a tradition for the PAHS Family for over 30 years – is now complete. The children, supervised by a few of the staff and volunteer, Diane Ward, hand colored approximately 5,000 cards. These are now ready to be sent out to people who partner with or wish to partner with PAHS. We would love to send you a card, and if you are not on our mailing list please request one by emailing your address to usof...@panamhealth.org so that you too can receive this token of love from our children. 

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