The Medical team from central texas medical center attended more than 1300 people in 4 days, these people from different communities around the lake yojoa region received medical atention and pediatric in general.

You can see the images from the CTMC’s medical team in action on our facebook page.

A Medical Team from Central Texas Medical Center - CTMC, Arrived yesterday, they will be taking medical aid to diferent communities in the yojoa lake area.

The government of Honduras announced that it has begun to request humanitarian and relief assistance from foreign governments and international organizations to help deal with the impact of severe flooding throughout the country. Honduras is currently under a state of emergency following more than a week of torrential rains that have affected nearly 70,000 people in at least 25 municipalities, leaving 14 dead, 12,000 evacuees, and 8,762 in temporary shelters.



Finishing floor on the kitchen. Thanks to Brad Alton and Dan Sherry from OK for the cement

Four days ago little Rony was brought to PAHS suffering from a respiratory problem, fearing it was something worst the Pediatrician sended him to the main Hospital of San Pedro sula where they found a small chicken bone in one of his Broquiès, Today we are happy to announce he recover without a problem, he is now smiling and happy with his parents. ( Photo: little Rony with his Mom and Dad)

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