One of the most anticipated visits each year for our boys and girls is the Selivanoff family’s visit, who have won the hearts of each one of us. Sheryl with her children Mike, Laura and Rosalie arrived last Thursday and stay for a week to enjoy fun times with our Children. Then they will travel to Costa Rica to visit the rest of our family who are studying in Adventist University of Central America. We thank the Selivanoff for having us in mind, and for his valuable help for our family.

Our employees, most of them single mothers, and some of our girls and boys were trained by INFOP, National Vocational Training Institute to learn how to make various breads and desserts. For a week the ladies and young people learned to make new products for our children, such as crackers, pastries and other nutritious breads. The idea with this kind of training that provides the SPAS in collaboration with INFOP is to help the vocational formation of single mothers through various trades, so that in the near future can establish their own micro-enterprise.

The Rotary Club of Lions, based in San Pedro Sula and through their ophthalmologic Hospital conducted a brigade in the PAHS’ Campus to serve more than one hundred people, most of them elderly people who receive a test and lenses at a very low cost. Our children and youth also received attention, and some of them got their first pair of glasses. We thank the young Rotarians for their willingness and cooperation in our efforts to bring health to the needy.

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