The stories of several of the children from our home who have now become successful professional were showcased at the booth at the Adventist Services and Industries Convention frequented by many of the members of our extended Pan American Health Service family.  Also featured were pictures of the permanent buildings that have been going up in the last decade, as well as those buildings that are still unfinished.
PAHS was present at the ASI convention to share with our brothers the work Adventists for over 50 years in our institution. The convention was held in Orlando Florida, and more than 2000 people attended. Meanwhile, PAHS had the opportunity to show a video about the life of our children and youth, as well as the progress that some have had on their lives becoming successful professionals who now give back the help received from the institution.

Laughter and more laughter could be heard for more than an hour at the campus dining hall, while our children enjoyed a presentation of “growing for Jesus” by a group who organized themselves in Argentina.   Six members, each of a different nationality, made up this wonderful group called Bethlehem.   We enjoyed your different works, which even though they were very funny had great Bible-based lessons.   On behalf of our children, thank you very much for making us laugh and forget our problems!!!

A group of our missionary friends from New Mexico spent a week helping to make the Casita Feliz safer and brighter.  They repaired windows and placed electrical outlets farther out of reach of the little ones – some of whom get mischievous before they return home!  Our children are very pleased with the attention they gave them, and we thank them for their work on behalf of our children. Thanks!

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