Victory Church from Lakeland, Florida sent out an impressive mission of 95 people to bringing medical and relief supplies, as well as hope and joy to the people of Honduras.
The missionaries were divided into groups to address the most urgent needs in the communities surrounding Lake Yojoa.   Some twenty of them visited us to learn about the work with our malnourished little ones during the past fifty years. The children of the Casita Feliz spent a pleasant time playing and singing with these devoted people, who gathered the care givers into a circle and raised prayers to God for them and the leaders of the institution and all those who dedicate their lives to serving the needy.

“Our greatest desire is to help the children of Honduras” – Shawn Plowman

Shawn with a group from the Peñaquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego, California, and another 11 students from UCLA came to visit PAHS.  For several years now Shawn’s group, in conjunction with Renuevo, a local Christian church on the campus of the public University catering to students and young professionals, has provided substantial assistance to the pediatric wards of the government hospitals in San Pedro Sula.  University students take meals to the children – who would otherwise be dependent on a family members to bring them food.  This wonderful group has provided more than 135, 000 meals in the hospital in the last four years. During their visit to our campus, they provided us with many seeds so that our children can grow food in their gardens. Thank you very much!

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