The older children prepared a drama for the evening and played it out in the chapel.  After the play everyone enjoyed the traditional tamales and fruit as they waited to ring in the New Year at midnight with fireworks. As the clouds rolled in and covered the stars, the children, with supervision, participated in lighting the evening with sparkles and fun, until the rain forced everyone indoors.

A group of Dental Students from Loma Linda University was sponsored Students for International Mission Service (SIMS) under the leadership of Dr. Tom Wieg worked hard doing much needed dental work on children from our campus. They sat up dental chairs in the Sewing Building of the Vocational School (which is out for vacation).  The dental and medical team also went into the mountains for a Field Clinic to bless remote communities in need.

The scene was green, not white, but jolly old Santa – LeRoy Corson – all dressed in his traditional red, was seated in the middle of our campus plaza handing out Christmas bundles which had been lovingly packed for our children by friends in Oakhurst, California. Heartfelt gratitude went to everyone who had a part in making this an exciting and happy day!

A 9,000 foot lime-stone mountain towers above the Lake Yojoa valley where the PAHS campus is located at 2,300 feet. The American Pacific – AMPAC a lead and zinc mine is located at the 4,500-foot level.  We were happy to have a visit by their Director of Operations, Mr. Dennis Blais and his wife, who came to see how they could provide help for the children in our Home.

Sixte four ( 64) students graduated from the Vocational School. 31 students received certificates in auto mechanics, 12 graduated from sixth Grade and 21 from Nine grade

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