In spite of the political tug-of-war in Honduras, we are thankful we have food to eat, and that the poor we serve can still access the care we provide in our rural area. There has also been a lot of prayer for the political stability of the country from all different corners of this small country. We are grateful for calm in our area, and that we are able to get our supplies and food from the city without much difficulty. There are more opportunities than ever to make a difference in children’s lives. Honduras in general will need more support in this time of crisis as the world seems to be turning its back on the nation

PAHS will host a booth at the exhibit section of the Adventist Services and Industries Convention to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from August 5 – 8, 2009. The annual convention is a time for refreshment and learning at the numerous workshops geared towards business and non-profit organizations. An added bonus is that PAHS personnel get to meet many of the PAHS supporters that make the work possible.look for us at the booth 120

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