After spending nine years administrating the PAHS work in Honduras, Anita returned to a Nursing job in Texas. Anita’s name was submitted by a collegue and friend at Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas where she is currently employed to be considered for nomination as one of the Great Nurses of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She was chosen by the Texas Nurses Association District 3 & 4 and the Dallas-Ft. Worth Association of Nurse Executives as one of the 100 great nurses. Congratulations! Read the Article Here

A record 97 visitors volunteered their time and skills on our PAHS campus during Spring Break this year! As our new buildings get finished, we are able to accommodate more helpers, but some of these spilled over onto the floor in our chapel, as well as accepted the hospitality of our neighbors. Our children made new friends, and we are all so thankful for the progress that was made on the new Nutrition Hospital Building and for the doors and closets on boy’s wing of the children’s home that are now almost done!

Dr. Marilyn Augustine and Dr. Karen Hutchinson Internal Medicine Residents of the University of Rochester spent time getting acquainted with the healthcare delivery system in our area of Honduras; their rotation included time in the PAHS’ nutritional rehab and outpatient clinic, the community Health Center, assisting with a field clinic and nutritional health assessments and a tour of the government hospital in San Pedro Sula.

Fifteen students from a Graduate Class in Nutrition from Andrew’s University in Michigan, led by Dr Winston Craig arrived to give health and nutrition lectures to the local academy, high school and technical school. They were accompanied by other students who came to tile two rooms of our guest house. How we appreciate the efforts of so many to give our facilities a face lift! The students also did screenings for malnutrition, assessed the local diet and went on a rescue mission trip to get malnourished children who had recently been orphaned from a mountain village.

Led by Stephan Gray, a group of 32 volunteers from Richardson Seventh-Day Adventist Church was welcomed back for the second time.  In 2006 they poured the walls on the boy’s wing, and now they inaugurated that same wing by being the first to stay there after our Canadian friends plumbed it. They put in many sunny hours and a lot of muscle work lifting concrete all the way up to the 9 ft. level for the walls of what will be our new Children’s Hospital Ward. They even left us the funds to get the roof up. How exciting to see a new profile rising in the place where we were accustomed to see the old Children’s Hospital for 4 decades!  They held a Vacation Bible School for neighborhood children and a devotional for our family in the evenings.

Nate Marin and 21 members of his Spanish class from Campion Academy in Colorado, plus 10 sponsors, took a working field trip to our campus to muscle through concrete and earth digging footings for the roof over what will be the new dining hall for the Nutritional Center and Children’s Home. The old terrazzo floor from the former children’s ward was preserved, so our family will soon have a dry place to eat when it is raining. They also brought new white tennis shoes for PE class for all of our school children — received with much excitement and some disbelief. We are very grateful for their thoughtfulness.

Our friends from the Midwest, including students from Sunnydale Academy, arrived ready to have fun with our children, put in bed and bathroom doors and install closets in the Boys’ Wing, and paint the home parent’s apartment. Members of the group also drilled the Pathfinders’ Club to prepare them to place well in matches at a national camporee next month. They give our club a boost each time they come. They ended their stay with a Pathfinders’ honors class and hosted a special meal for our children. They are part of the group who has done the biggest share of the construction of our children’s home – this was that teams 8th year, and we missed several members who didn’t make it this year. Our children have many lovely memories and feel a special love from their friends who keep returning.

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