Mel’s Dream Team a mission team from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada lead by Todd Lien and Diane Ward arrived ready to roll up their sleeves and finish the plumbing in the Boys’ Wing of the New Children’s Home. We are honored to have this dedicated group of friends and family come on a trip that honor the memory of Uncle Mel who had a vision to come visit our children and work to make their lives better, but whose life was cut short too soon to see his vision realized.

Gary Shipp and Leroy Corson were welcomed to our campus ready to start our next major building project The new and improved Nutritional Rehabilitation Hospital Facility. We are grateful to have this project get underway at last!

Our campus was delighted to welcome the first visiting mission team of the year – Adventist Midwest Health Systems – made up of 32 employees from four hospitals in the Chicago, Illinois area. Their Construction Team made progress on finishing the Boys’ Wing in the new Children’s Home. Meanwhile the medical team, made up of seven physicians, two nurse practitioners, one pharmacist, translators and support staff treated 1,735 patients from four nearby communities as well the children in our Nutritional Rehabilitation Center. The team brought a blessing to our community with their caring, sensitive ways which spread hope and love around.

The children were very happy to have a long-time friend, Jeff Needles, visit our campus. Jeff spread joy around by spending quality time with the older children while also finishing the tile work in one room of our Guest House, as well as starting the tile work on the other three rooms. Our Guest House got a wonderful and much-needed rejuvenation from Jeff. Future guest will be more comfortable thanks to his efforts!

The older children planned a surprise birthday party on their own for Stephen, Jesus and David who all have birthdays on this date. They took the birthday boys on a treasure hunt that lead to the dining hall where they had decorated nicely and had prepared cake and punch.

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