A group from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas arrived prepared to share their professional and technical skills to bring healthcare and assistance to members of our extended community. The 27 member team worked hard in teaching children more about the Bible, working on the Boys wing and second floor details of the New Children’s Home and bringing health care and medication to over 800 people who live in remote areas.

After several weeks of all-day practices, many into the late night hours, the PAHS Pathfinder group placed 4th overall in the NorthWest Honduras Conference Camporee. The Club was awarded 1st place in marching drills and in first aid competitions, and our Pathfinder leader, Ian Haylock, was named Best Club Director. We are so proud of them all! Our deep gratitude goes out to our sister Club in Oakhurst, California and to the Sunnydale, Missouri group for all of their help, advice, and their support. Thanks for sharing!

Pathfinders from Sunnydale Academy in Missouri who came with Jeff Needles group, helped our children prepare for the annual camporee by getting them the much sought-after Pathfinder Honors patches for their uniforms. The children drill and practice faithfully under the watchful eye and motivation of Ian Haylock.

A group lead by Randy, the principal at Laurelwood Adventist Academy in Oregon, arrived to do some much needed work around campus.  We are very grateful for the beautiful steps to the Casita Feliz that they built as well as the stuccoing they did in the boys dorm.  Merlin and Vonda Beerman arrived to reach out to the local community and the city.  Our kids were delighted to host them once again this year.  We are grateful that they have become part of our growing family.

Nate Marin and his father Richard, lead a group of Spanish students from Campion Academy who came for a quick visit on a month long tour of Honduras.  The group took all the on a nice outing to the waterfalls.  Out kids really enjoyed the visit from the group and hope they will be able to return again.

A group led by Jeff Needles and John Beldin arrived to make closets and put finishing touches in the Girls wing of the new Children’s Home. We are so grateful for this much needed detail and all their hard work!

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