A group from several Missouri area churches arrived, led by Melvin and Milton Greenwood and Alan Blackford. The yearly visit of our extended “family” members is a wonderful boost to our construction efforts on the New Children’s Home. The group worked on finishing the walls with texture in the Boys wing of the new home.

With the help of Canadian volunteers, Todd Lien and Diane Ward, the Oakhurst SDA Youth group rebuilt the home of the Moreno family up on Mount Santa Barbara. The family’s former home, built of mud and stone, had been blown down in December by strong winds while the father was away with the oldest child in the hospital. The Moreno family came to have a relationship with PAHS through the illness of their oldest child Baylin who battled kidney failure for the last five years. The new home is made of wooden walls and has shuttered windows and a solid door. In spite of the tremendous struggles against disease, loss, grief and weather elements the family is still able to smile and is very grateful for the support they have received.

Once again our campus was lit by smiles brought by the visit of our extended family, members of the Oakhurst SDA Church. The much anticipated yearly visit of the group, led and organized, by Dr. Tom Wieg and his wife Calle brought many smiles and warm feelings to our children and staff. The main project of the group was to do much needed finishing touches of the new Children’s Home construction site.

Baylin Moreno, who we first met in November 2002 when she was brought to our Nutrition Hospital, lost her valiant and courageous battle against kidney failure on February 12, 2008 at the age of 13. Baylin is survived by her father, mother and 5 younger siblings. Baylin leaves behind many sad but inspired caretakers as well. She and her family would travel three days a week from her remote mountain village to the city for dialysis. Her quiet but solid courage is a testament to the human spirit and to the will to survive against the odds.

Back to School Our children and teenagers returned for a new school year to the Centro Educacional Adventista.  Over 60 primary and secondary school children were registered sponsored by PAHS. Our Technical School has a total of 175 registered, serving the poorest of the poor in our surrounding community.

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