On September 15th Honduras celebrates their independence day with a parade. From the beginning of the school year, the independence day celebration is one of the most anticipated dates in the year for our children. The anticipation begins to build in August when, with much excitement and practice, they prepare for the big day. They prepare by wear colorful and stylish costumes and practicing their marching and folk dance skills. Those who play instruments practice for the marching band which performs in the parade. Read the rest of this entry »

“Mommy, where’s my dad?” It’s the question that day by day five-year-old Max asks his mother Lola, one of the 15 single mothers who seeks refuge at PAHS. Lola simply evades her son’s question and changes the subject. Just like she did, her children are growing up without knowing their father. Four decades ago, at the age of two, Lola came to our children’s home. She was not malnourished or sick, but her mother did not have the resources to sustain her. Lola was always characterized as a devout and responsible lady. She finished her high school and received the opportunity to study at Unadeca, the Adventist University of Central America located in Costa Rica. Read the rest of this entry »

Wendy Now And Then

Wendy Now And Then

By Nelly Leiva*

I still remember the first day I saw her, it was two years ago. She was nine years old. And what called my attention at that time was her big smile. She looked very happy although she did not have any hair it has fallen up because of her malnutrition. Wendy´s family brought her to Pan-American Health Service because of her heath. Wendy´s interest was to study, she refuse to go home with her family because she wanted education. She had been denied going to school.

Later, in that day I met her, I listened that she had anemia and simultaneously was undernourished, but despite of this, she wanted to attend to school, covering her head with a small hat. She had a purse for her books, she began to attend classes. Her greater dream became reality. She was the older girl of her class, she persevered to become one of the best students, and she did it, obtaining very good grades. Now, two years later, Wendy was moved from the “casita feliz” where she received medical treatment to the girls dormitory. She is my new roommate.

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