In the Bible, Jesus asks: “ Which of you knowing your children are hungry and asking for bread would give them a stone instead?” He goes on to point out that if people who are imperfect know how to give good things to their children, then imagine how much more our Heavenly Father can give to those who ask Him.

This is the only hope that the little Muñoz siblings have as the conditions in which they have been living are far from what would be considered appropriate. Six of the seven children in this family were admitted to the Nutritional Rehabilitation Hospital. Maryuri and Xiomara, the two youngest ones were admitted on Friday with a diagnosis of Third Degree Malnutrition. Doctor Maldonado had to count their teeth in order to determine which one was the oldest sister.

Later the family returned to the Nutrition Hospital with the four older children who were also admitted fro treatment of their malnutrition. Their parents were accompanied by the pastor from their community church in Yojoa, 50 kilometers from Peña Blanca. This good man had provided the desperately poor family with a humble amount of food and a place to stay, and in spite of the charity of the pastor the situation for the family remained disheartening: an unemployed father, a mother caring for a newborn, without food or a roof of their own. All these circumstances have reduced these parents to a painful existence of watching powerlessly as their children grow more weak and ill as a result of the scarcity.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “There are people in this world who are so hungry that God can only appear to them as a loaf of bread”.  Indeed this seems to be the situation for this particular family.

Inspite of the extreme poverty from where these siblings have come it is admirable to witness the protective instinct these little ones have for each other. In their short stay we have noted that Maria, 9, the oldest sister, automatically takes charge of the two youngest ones. It is evident that she has been the right hand helper of her mother, and one can imagine what she has endured in her short life.

Shortly after her arrival Maria picked up both little sisters, one in each arm and did not want to put them down. One of our Staff Nannies came close and said to her: “We will take care of them now. You can go play”.

PLAY? That was not a word in Maria’s vocabulary… but now it is. There are so many new things to be experienced! Like the flavor of a warm bite of food, eating three meals a day, the feel of a new pencil between her fingers and the ability to doodle on a piece of paper — up until now she has never been to school — the feel of a warm blanket on her skin on these cold and rainy nights.

We are conscious to the fact that for these parents it has not been easy to leave their six small children with us. They have done so with a new faith in the God they are just getting  acquainted with; a God who has now provided them with a new home, health care and adequate living facilities for their children.