Our fight against hunger started 44 years ago. There has been alot of "living" in our old buildings - renewed little lives as well as some sad deaths form part of the panorama of memories that have taken place here. The old wooden buildings were second-hand barracks donated by a construction company. These buildings helped to provide healthcare and gave shelter. Due to the effects of the tropical weather and the mountain lake climate our main Nutrition Hospital Builiding was dismantled; the usable pieces were recycled, while the deteriorated wood was used to fuel the wood-burning stove in our kitchen.

Our most important project at this time is the rebuilidng of the Nutritional Hospital. This new building will have a Ward, Dining Hall, Clinic rooms, Laundry, Kitchen and physician's apartment.

The Children's Home - with a wing for Girls and a wing for younger Boys is near completion.The Casita Feliz (Happy Little House) serves as temporary sleep, play and dining area for the Nutritional Rehabilitation patients.

Other important projects include the rebuilding of the Outpatient Clinic, administration offices, older Boys Home and the Bakery, as well as the construcion of an educational building, and a comercial building in which to sell products from our Campus to a growing base of tourist to the Lake Yojoa region.